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7 May 2019

Sunshine again. We were 30km under planned distance yesterday, so this is how we start our day.

There's a couple of climbs, the first of which would probably have been depressing at the end of yesterday, but it doesn't seem too challenging now.

A café in the gas station at Kinlochewe serves us an early lunch of toasties and soup. We then crack onto fast road towards Gairloch. There's a bit of rain, but it's brief.

Between Gairloch and Poolewe, we see two fully laden cyclists grinding up a hill. We all stop for a chat at the top. Pete and Anthea had been at our campsite in Lochcarron. They tell us that tourist information said there's a campsite in Laide and another in Badcaul.

Poolewe is our "first target". That is, get there and decide whether to progress. So we add Laide and Badcaul as subsequent options. It's too far to get fully back on track and make it to Ullapool, but at least we can give ourselves a short day tomorrow.

It's about 4pm when we get to Poolewe, nearly 5pm at Laide. We decide to press on to Badcaul. (You've been waiting for it, be honest...) This may have been a bad call, as it turns out that Badcaul has no food outlets. The campsite does exist though, and the boss man pulls a blinder and heats us up some tinned supplies. We slurp on soups from their cans while chatting with him about weather and whisky and water.

Distance: 101km

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Trip: North Coast 500
Distance today: 101km
Total distance: 269km

Journey: Sheildaig Sìldeag to Badcaul Bada Call by Bike 101km
7 May 2019