Mini Itinerary

  • 8:00am 4 July 2019
    London to Folkestone by Bike
    Estimated 104km
    Sunrise (Europe/London): 04:50
    Sunset (Europe/London): 21:12

  • 3:30pm 4 July 2019
    Folkestone to Calais by Train

  • 8:00am 5 July 2019
    Calais to Ghent Gent by Bike
    Estimated 162km
    Sunrise (Europe/Paris): 05:45
    Sunset (Europe/Brussels): 22:01

  • 8:00am 9 July 2019
    Ghent Gent to Brussels Bruxelles by Bike
    Estimated 56km
    Sunrise (Europe/Brussels): 05:41
    Sunset (Europe/Brussels): 21:55

  • 8:00am 11 July 2019
    Brussels Bruxelles to Namur by Bike
    Estimated 67km
    Sunrise (Europe/Brussels): 05:42
    Sunset (Europe/Brussels): 21:50

  • 8:00am 12 July 2019
    Namur to Bouillon by Bike
    Estimated 125km
    Sunrise (Europe/Brussels): 05:43
    Sunset (Europe/Brussels): 21:45

  • 8:00am 13 July 2019
    Bouillon to Luxembourg by Bike
    Estimated 96km
    Sunrise (Europe/Brussels): 05:46
    Sunset (Europe/Luxembourg): 21:39

Blog / Unhappy Feet

8 May 2019

It's blinding bright. I still can't feel my feet. It's too early. I refuse to wake up.

Some time later, it's still too bright, and I still can't feel my feet, but I'd better fight myself awake. My feet have been AWOL since the windy and cold outdoor soup session yesterday evening. The wind's been coming off the loch, through the ventilation in my tent and straight onto my feet. At some point in the night, I tried to make them some insulation, but to little avail.

We only have fifty kilometres to cover today to Ullapool, but we'd like to get there for lunch. We hit the road around nine. There's some climbing to do for the first half. We top out in silly wind and icy precipitation. Just before the Braemore junction we score a bacon and hash brown roll, coffee and chocolate, shivering.

The remaining distance into Ullapool begins with a decent downhill, and then leads into a few benign ups and downs. I don't feel as good as I did yesterday, and I'm glad of the early stop.

We pitch tents on the campsite and head off to sample the delights of the metropolis, which include Tesco.

Distance: 50km

Attached to journey: 8 May 2019 Badcaul Bada Call to Ullapool Ulapul by Bike 50km
Part of trip North Coast 500
Distance today: 50km
Total distance: 319km

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