Mini Itinerary

  • 8:00am 4 July 2019
    London to Folkestone by Bike
    Estimated 104km
    Sunrise (Europe/London): 04:50
    Sunset (Europe/London): 21:12

  • 3:30pm 4 July 2019
    Folkestone to Calais by Train

  • 8:00am 5 July 2019
    Calais to Ghent Gent by Bike
    Estimated 162km
    Sunrise (Europe/Paris): 05:45
    Sunset (Europe/Brussels): 22:01

  • 8:00am 9 July 2019
    Ghent Gent to Brussels Bruxelles by Bike
    Estimated 56km
    Sunrise (Europe/Brussels): 05:41
    Sunset (Europe/Brussels): 21:55

  • 8:00am 11 July 2019
    Brussels Bruxelles to Namur by Bike
    Estimated 67km
    Sunrise (Europe/Brussels): 05:42
    Sunset (Europe/Brussels): 21:50

  • 8:00am 12 July 2019
    Namur to Bouillon by Bike
    Estimated 125km
    Sunrise (Europe/Brussels): 05:43
    Sunset (Europe/Brussels): 21:45

  • 8:00am 13 July 2019
    Bouillon to Luxembourg by Bike
    Estimated 96km
    Sunrise (Europe/Brussels): 05:46
    Sunset (Europe/Luxembourg): 21:39

Blog / High Plains Drifting

17 November 2015

Cow bells. Wooden carts. Droves of cattle. Wheat harvested by hand. Cauliflowers, lots of cauliflowers, fields of cauliflowers, truckloads of cauliflowers. Cauliflower cheeeeeese!

Today's ride is up and down, but never is any near as challenging as yesterday. We head roughly south along a rolling high plateau. Road surface is generally good and progress is consistent. There are long views to green mountains in the east over cultivated fields.

It all goes a bit Camille Pissarro at one point - poplar trees by the roadside cast their shadows over the road. John Constable gets a look-in with countless haywains. Sander points out that there's been a bunch of social realist scenes going on too: happy peasants toiling at manual labour in the sun.

We come off the country road that yesterday took us over the mountains with a right turn onto highway 41. It's quite quiet and fast. We get some food on the northern edge of Aungpan, before finishing with a manageable 10km or so into Kalaw.

82km, 4hr18, 19.1km/h

Attached to journey: 17 November 2015 Ywangan to Kalaw ကလောမြု့ by Bike 82km
Part of trip The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
Distance today: 82km
Total distance: 482km

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